Sketch by Chris Habana, Photo by Andrew Morales

Sketch by Chris Habana, Photo by Andrew Morales

For the SS19 collection, Chris imagined a scene of figures existing in his dystopian universe irreverently melding Catholic iconography, goth paganism, and sexuality.

Brooks Ginnan plays the role of the penitent prodigal son. Strapped in a ball chain corset and latex underwear (designed in collaboration with Vex Clothing) he depicts a lowly man entranced in a state of deep remorse and reflection. A set of custom silver brass plated bells adorning his feet and hands emphasize his presence as he slowly rings them throughout the presentation. He also wears the SS19 Square Signet Knuckle Duster and Round Signet Knuckle Duster featuring Chris’ original mechanical design created in order to allow the fingers ease of movement.

Photos by Andrew Morales and Daniel Rosenthal