CAM4 Room


Photos by Serichai Traipoom and Finlay Mackay

Visitors played both voyeur and exhibitionist in a neon-lit dungeon where they were invited to be the stars of their own Cam4 webshow, shot by Ryan Mclendon. With plenty of tools at their disposal and a crowd of onlookers awaiting their own camera time, guests enjoyed a space free of taboos and excitedly channeled their BDSM fantasies.

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video invitations

For the official show invitations, CHRISHABANA teamed up with CAM4 to create cam show style advertisements with moving video, gifs and scrolling text. The invitation featured models who are part of friends of the brand, stretching from performers to stylists and visual artists. The models acted as if they were cam models, glitching from performer to performer.

Models Featured: Shannon & Shannade Clermont, Raisa Flowers, Boy Radio, Latex Lucifer, Aleta Cai, Alees Yvon, Pan Dulce, Coco Campbell and Mars Hobrecker, Sarah Nicole Francois


To commemorate the event, CHRISHABANA and Cam4 collaborated to create branded merchandise. The jewelry brand re-released pieces from its 2011 collection, “Weird N’ Kinky” and laser etched them with each logo. The pieces are made in very limited quantities and are available purchase at our e-shop.


Photos by the Clermont Twins

Photos by Loan Favan

CAM4 tapped CHRISHABANA to conduct Instagram takeovers with models and influencers alike, including The Clermont Twins, Torro, and Jacopo Olmo. In addition, CHRISHABANA produced lo-fi videos to promote the exhibition in the CAM4 platform. Check out the pics and vids below.

Videos by Chris Habana