Sketch by Chris Habana, Photo by Andrew Morales

Sketch by Chris Habana, Photo by Andrew Morales

For the SS19 collection, Chris imagined a scene of figures existing in his dystopian universe irreverently melding Catholic iconography, goth paganism, and sexuality.

Motion was a focal point for Chris in this intriguing architectural ball chain set modeled by Raisa Flowers. Inspired by her silhouette and the image of a post-apocalyptic royal, Chris constructed a series of metal rods that latticed across the length of her torso, arms, and legs. Individual strands of thin ball chain lining the rods extend to the ground, punctuating her movements with a gentle rattle and dramatic sway. Her look iss accented by custom metal breast plates and an assortment of CHRISHABANA jewelry including the SS19 Pearl Plus Ring and the Slant Sunglasses from our debut house eyewear line.

Photos by Andrew Morales and Daniel Rosenthal